Big Dog

Large scale site-specific project for Insola floating art space, Rummelsburger Bay on the Spree river, Berlin
cardboard, paper, tape

BIG DOG was created for Insola—a free-floating platform in Berlin—in response to the war in Ukraine. The tragedy is most keenly felt when you see photos and hear about those who depend on the "big and strong," stories about those who do not choose their circumstances... In numerous photographic accounts of modern warfare, pets are often seen in ruins of destroyed buildings. Animals are also visible in pictures depicting people fleeing from the war; after all, in a moment of danger, people save and take the most important things with them. Yet sometimes it is very difficult, and at times impossible... How do you take a large dog with you? How do you bring an animal that is too big to fit into a luggage compartment of an airplane or a crowded train and for which there may not be room in the new temporary refuge...

The almost three-meter-high sculpture, made of cardboard, recycled paper, and tape represents the stories of animals that had to be abandoned, that perished, or that were rescued... On the blue Insola, the Dog is safe... Contrary to traditional exhibition spaces, the moving platform on the water provides an ever-changing backdrop.
For two weeks BIG DOG will settle in Rummelsburger Bay on the Spree River.

On July 2, at 2pm, we will take BIG DOG for a walk along Landwehrkanal. We plan to meet at Urbanhafen near Urban Krankenhaus and walk towards Lohmühlenbrücke. This will be a 2,4 kilometre walk, and should take approximately an hour. Feel free to join us. Pets are welcome!

Photos: Maria und Natalia Petschatnikov, Jonas Fiete Wulff